We had really good experience with Crystal. She was very knowledgeable and gave us all the information we needed. Even months after purchasing our house, she still answered questions we had. She even gave us information we weren't even asking about, keeping us updated. I would recommend definitely recommend Crystal.  
  ~ Diana  
  Crystal was the best Realtor I have worked with! She constantly kept in touch with my wife and I to keep us updated on new listings, and was available anytime to show us homes that we were interested in. Thanks to her diligence, the very first home we put an offer on was accepted. Not only that, thanks to her research and negotiation skills, we get a very good deal on the home. We were very busy with work and family and she was able to do most of the work for us which we appreciated. I am positive that anyone who works with Crystal will be just as pleased as we were. Thank you Crystal!  
  ~ Jose A.  
  Crystal is an amazing person! Great personality and such a hard worker. I knew already she could do her job! My family appreciate all her work.  
  ~ Mariane T.  
  Crystal is simply AMAZING!!!! Buying or selling Crystal has you covered. Here is why she rocks the realtor world: 1. Crystal is extremely responsive and easy to get a hold of (even when you email her in the wee hours of the morning) 2. Crystal knows the area extremely well (we are new to the area and she really helped us hone our house search) 3. Crystal is extremely conscious of providing accurate information and making sure there is full awareness (she is very good about providing disclosures as fast as possible and making sure documents are understood) 4. Crystal is attentive and understanding about individual needs and does this with a smile (we looked a houses with a screaming infant and she always offered to drive and was super accommodating to both our needs and our baby's needs) Like I said, Crystal is AMAZING!!! Use her as often as you can!  
  ~ Matt and Molly  
  Crystal was an amazing agent who was able to get us our very first home when we thought we couldn’t! She looked out for me and my family’s needs and was very knowledgeable in terms of the programs available that help with financing as well. I recommend using her when searching for a home. She is very patient and was always there when we needed anything. Thanks Crystal!!  
  ~ Patricia M.